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in Austin, Texas
  • Not cooling;
  • Water dispenser not working;
  • Ice maker not working;
  • Ice dispenser not working;
  • Not defrosting;
  • Is noisy or loud;
  • Defrost drain is clogged;
  • Freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm;
  • Leaking water;
  • Freezing food;
  • Ice and water dispenser not working;
  • Ice maker overflowing;
  • Runs constantly;
  • Food freezing in the fridge.
TechService FIRST is one of the best appliance repair and service companies in Austin. We service, repair and install all types and brands of refrigerators.

When the technician responsible for repairing your refrigerator arrives, they will perform a comprehensive investigation to determine the underlying cause of the problem. Once the issue has been diagnosed, they will take immediate action to resolve it. This may involve replacing components such as the evaporator fan, compressor, door seal, or thermostat as part of the refrigerator repair process.

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Jian J.
Details: Refrigerator / GE / Repair
Alex has done a fantastic job in fixing our leaking fridge whose drainage was blocked. Alex professionally diagnosed the issue, removed the ice and cleaned the valve. Alex was friendly and responsible throughout the session. He helped us cleaned up the floor as well.

Highly recommend Alex!
Charlie L.
Details: Refrigerator / LG / Repair
When my LG refrigerator stopped making ice and keeping food at healthy temperatures, I contacted FUSE. The scheduling was quick and easy, repair process transparent, and pricing fair. Alex was able to come by (on his birthday, even!), to diagnose, locate, and identify a tiny refrigerant leak responsible for the fridge's poor cooling. Additionally, this LG model has a known compressor issue, which I elected to fix at the time. Come to find out, it was covered by warranty, but LG is notoriously slow on part fulfillment.

Alex handled that entire situation himself on my behalf, saving me money, stress, and weeks of time in the future.
Additionally, he was more than happy to indulge my curiosity about how the appliance works at a deep, technical level, even though this took much longer for him.

Alex is a hard-working and fantastic engineer, and an even more fantastic person. Hopefully your appliances are defect-free, serving you for many years, but if they aren't, please don't hesitate to let Alex to help you.

*Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair was our previous name before re-branding April 2022
Rose M.
Details: Refrigerator / GE Monogram / Repair
Alex, Daniel and Vlad did an excellent job of diagnosing the issue on our GE monogram built-in refrigerator and repairing it within 72 hours. The compressor started going out in our 21 year old refrigerator and they were able to repair it prior to it going completely out and ruining all our food.

The repair took over five hours and while they were in our house, they were polite, considerate and very friendly. Our refrigerator has never cooled as efficiently and quietly as it does now.

I would highly recommend this team for any appliance repair including refrigerators, ice makers, ovens, dishwashers and others!
Layne M.
Details: Refrigerator / LG / Repair
Fuse team was great from the first inquiry to the moment they finished the job and are still working on our behalf to secure the manufacturer warranty reimbursement. They have a great attitude and were very professional to work with!

*Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair was our previous name before re-branding April 2022
Laura P.
Details: Refrigerator / GE / Repair
They were great. They came out quick, and arrived at their scheduled time. They fixed my refrigerator, and the most important part IT STILL WORKS 😄!
Bill V.
Details: Refrigerator / Frigidaire / Repair

This company is hands down the best appliance repair company I've ever used.

Our refrigerator went out and needed it fixed over the weekend. Alex came out on Saturday AM at the time they said. Not only was he able to diagnose the issue quickly but he also found a few other areas that needed to be addressed. He quickly fixed our Frigidaire and for a very reasonable fee.

We were highly concerned we would have to spring for a new unit and with all the supply chain issues, not the one we would have wanted. Alex's repair has allowed us to put that decision further down the road when choices and sales are better.

Great, friendly and knowledgeable service.

Couldn't recommend more highly!